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tv   Eco India  Deutsche Welle  March 25, 2020 6:30pm-7:01pm CET

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that missed the boat on the ballet that the last dragons this word. to use. to agree on. what secrets lie behind us was new discover new adventures in the 360 degree. to explore world heritage site. w world heritage 36 to get here now. the default setting of our planet is green lush and green a-t. expansive landscapes for as long as the ice can see and the victim biodiversity. the impact of humans has been such that we have unknowingly and knowingly change
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this default to adult create columns of fumes in jungles of concrete and asphalt everywhere. how long welcome to eco india i'm saddened that raghu to be we look at how economic progress can happen in $200.00 b.n. bobert. why goober the packaging industry is criticised for heavily contributing to plastic pollution banning existing practices is not possible yet until a feasible and sustainable alternative is provided a delhi based company is attempting to offset this problem by manufacturing 100 percent natural bio degradable and composed of all packaging in tableware and providing a model to move towards a green economy. in
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light of major health concerns and vite spread and vironment will damage india has pledged to eliminate single use plastic by 2022 implementing the ban however will be difficult the country's plastic industry is one of the biggest in the world but the decision also opens the door to alternatives the green sector is now creating much needed job opportunities. like here in this factory which makes 100 percent compatible tableware from bio waste like sugarcane by gas. 21 year old kumari pretty found a job here when she was in desperate need of one and things have worked out well for her. family and but i can't say i gave up studying and i used to manage the farm in order to provide for my family but it wasn't enough after i began working here i was able to build a house for my family. now my brother can continue to study when i needed some
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extra money i was able to borrow it from the company and. women like pretty make up about a 3rd of the workforce of the equal where factory it provides steady employment to seasonal workers in the sustainability sector eco where has emerged as india's largest cream packaging company it was founded in 2010 by pharmacological rearm assume their single. i had moved to delhi from the quay and i was absolutely shocked at the amount of plastic people were using so freely basically you know not understanding the negative health impact of a had or a negative impact it has on the environment as well i don't think anyone really cared about what they were eating out of how they were littering where their waste ended up and i think in a country where 1300000000 people you know there was
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a real need for a solution so being a biomass rich nation and having use such products abroad i thought why not make an india. company has a $120.00 employees but for single it's not just a matter of creating jobs and eco friendly products it's also about consciously making green choices throughout the process by equal with products delivered by amazon a service that produces huge carbon emissions single has taken the step of making her company's packaging plastic free. where we are a complete soap to the economy model so 100 percent of our revenue is derived from the circular economy so we have 0 waste process any power that's come out that you know might not be processed finished goods is recycled so that goes back into our tanks and it's fed. and then all the water again is sort of.
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cleaned and re used. worldwide 300000000 tons of plastic are produced every year and half the plastic is just used. in india the recent rash of food delivery services has increased the demand for disposable packaging and truth . has been used in the food delivered in the single use plastic. cutlery and the. food items that mostly it's the p. or the people who probably so the problem with these cutlery is lake after these sort of contamination which cannot be properly say well that's a problem. but some establishment are taking a more socially responsible approach from the start burger our mom made the decision to use eco ware boxes even though they cost more. it was expensive for
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shop i mean it's more than the price. of but i think we were very clear from the beginning that. sustainability is something that we believe in you know the places such as the new the rural rebound so at the end of the day our brand would be perceived as the customer when he gets delivered to his door so the premiss of the brand of the product all came out with those of the packaging that we used so also in a way that you could call it a marketing spend for us but i think. as customers become more of a bear of the amount of plastic we use being generated more sustainable options are bound to appear and prices are likely to drop. we now enter the child food space as well so the railways which is the indian railways which is you know the largest meal provider in the country and does over a 1000000 meals a day we developed a product that was a spoke to them and has started working with them as well. and we even tell
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a little bit offline online. the way we see it now is single use fast is a global problem and we want to be a global solution and a global brand and that's our aspiration. with customers like the indian railways food chains and hotels brands like eco aware will become part of the mainstream which in turn will help india on its way to achieving its ambitious 0 plus to gold. you know when energy is created by blending fossil fuels it doesn't matter why does is done to generate or to disintegrate industrial waste gobbling dioxide is going to be released leading to a rise in temperature again this greenhouse gas be turned into a valuable resource we found a company in switzerland that says this can be done and this is good news because the country is still a foster and. white snow covered mountains and endless of slopes
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to ski on the iconic landscape of switzerland. the winter wonderland losing out fast to rising temperatures. and the past almost 2 thirds of swiss territory was covered by snow now it's only about hoff winton's more often feels like spring nowadays. that's why close to the city at a new technology is aiming to slam the brakes on climate change with c o 2 collective. one of these modules one. tons of c o 2 from the yeah yeah ok we have a team here to collect this so this is a project 900 tons of c o 2 by yeah yeah. it is a few 1000 pounds oh yes or about $750.00 cars well.
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maybe. the climb works collectors have only been in action for 3 years it's still an expensive technology but it's thought with time it will expand and become more affordable the mechanism is straightforward like vacuum cleaner the collectors draw in the air inside heated filters then separate the c o 2 and the gases then stored. tried to limit that's rising. but that's not to say that's all that needs. we don't so we really need to drastically wear jeans our emissions. if we if tomorrow we completely cut our emissions that would not be enough so we additionally need to as well as emissions reduction. in this case after removing the gas it's stored and sold to the greenhouse around the corner for one that weighs the carbon cycle is closed preventing more carbon dioxide getting into
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the atmosphere. indoor growing traditionally requires industrially produced a c o 2 to 30 lives plants you can hear the gas here hissing through the pipes to nourish them. having to climb works collectors only 300 metres away is a win win situation. 3rd saves runs all routes the fed also saying spa full resources that you would need for industrial c o 2. earth. and it also connects better with clients who are increasingly asking for sustainable products these days look. client works c o 2 costs the same as that which ruzicka used to buy from other suppliers but now the purified gas for his vegetarian is only the no way. 15 minutes away in the office when climb work. is also at the heart of an operation
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that researchers here are capturing c o 2 and piping it into the reactor. in this reactor we have hydrogen and carbon dioxide mixed there is a catalyst in the reactor and the. cassis reacts to be called resay and water recently is the same thing as natural gas and you can do. anything with a you can do with natural gas which means heating cooking and driving. a full tank of natural gas gives this car a range of 500 kilometers carbon neutral without causing additional emissions the technology is still in its infancy but it's backed by different funds and big companies from the old school and gas sector markets feed fields the momentum is there for switzerland to reach its climate goals. while the hope is that
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we will be called the neutral as we want to be until 2050 we want to be carbon neutral and we should start to actually implement it then the technology is all there and they are already competitive in comparison to conventional technologies new technologies are picking up speed in the fight against global warming they still need to become more affordable but if it all comes together there is hope the swiss mountains will keep their snow cover in the years to come. sustainable energy is central to a green economy and renewable energy resources like the some water and with a cut of the go to option but they need to be streamlined to become more efficient and affordable for a balloon based startup has come up with new solutions using vind energy and they
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look very different from the wind farms we know off today. this kind could help sounds the energy problems of the future. it generates electricity from wind power on a level that no wind turbine can achieve. it's vision is to develop the technology and scale it up to rival today's wind turbines . starting small and have a long way to go. away starting at. a telescopic arm connected to the truck holds in guides the kite soon it should be able to climb hundreds of meters and fly. that's what the developers in berlin are currently working on. the big challenge is programming the computer so that it can steer the kite with these cables. the generator that produces the electricity is in the truck under the
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cable drums they hope it will one day replace inefficient diesel generators. turbines are fixed to the ground. because it's will be connected to a base station and fly up to 300 meters in the air the wind is stronger and more steady at that height. their development laboratory is on the campus of the technical university of berlin. where. the engineers started experimenting with fabric kites in 2012. when the kite goes up the rope turns the generator drum and generates electricity. then the kite is pulled in again which consumes very little power but it's like a yo yo going up and down. over all that creates
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a surplus of electricity. most of their time are spent doing calculations or in the workshop. they built the kite and all the technology themselves and they're always having to redesign and optimize. as many mistakes as possible in as short a time as possible but only once it is what we have to lead out on the mistakes make us smarter and then make the product say this but. as it's called the last details for the wing tips are right. the wing tips are also made of carbon fiber. the material is very light and stable. but it can't withstand everything. this is for poor unlike fabric wings we structures can survive a hard landing unscathed or so. they've been working on carbon fiber kite since 27
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and have already spent over a 1000000 euros on prototypes. once a week the developers drive down to the airfield they haven't made much progress with flying yet. they often start at midnight when there is more of a steady wind. we get more flying time and it gets less stressful so we can enjoy the fruits of our labor. the need to make the kite fully automated but the technology is not cooperating. from a bit off the bottom. after lots of tests the kite takes off steered by the cables and
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stabilized by a computer now they have to program the computer to carry out all flight maneuvers autonomous lee. trickiest phases when the kite is still really close to its software has to be very precise a little mistakes get punished in a big way but we've been practicing for so long that it's become routine. in the meantime they've managed to get the courage to fly as high as 30 meters. and it's hoped that in 2 years the kite will be producing electricity as it glides through the air above the wind turbines. last year delhi recorded it after city in 21 years as the temperatures soar to degree so she has many residents complained of a complete breakdown of their conditioning systems and where they did run it seemed to be a double whammy conditionals themselves take up
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a huge amount of electricity and freeze greenhouse gases contributing to the rights and temperature and architectural firm in the city is making gruelling cleaner by varying renting the air conditioner which. the members of the community invest early are proud of their traditional art of pottery but it can only survive if they can successfully compete with cheap alternatives. and many people are still professional where i live around 500 families make all different kinds of things there's a good different. changes according to the season but whatever people we can make it. just. as well traditionally he has been used around india for everything from holding drinking water to cooling
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hopes this heritage and the potential of the urban material are inspiring architects across the country. cities. who runs an studio in new delhi he's going back to the basics on his quest to find cheap and energy efficient solutions for arbonne architecture. as a kid i always used to like breaking things putting them together or trying to make something out of it. and that's what translated into even in college. i was very active member of this installation society we used to make art installations and then like coming up with. my candidate forms and stuff because apart from architectural problems of struggle so that's how it started with my interaction with art in a manner over the last few years more niche has been working on a sustainable cooling system it's called a v high fouda and runs on minimal energy it doesn't expel heat the way modern air
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conditioned it's to it was 1st made to help workers in fact priests who were exposed to hot blasts of air from generator sets there are 600 employees working that area and this is one believe that right in the middle and in some other it's really impossible to stand in front of it and even work like i mean so when we started working on the project it was speak from us and i could not withstand the heat for you in 10 minutes so often when installing the final beehive that we manufacture. we lifted for like a couple of us would want to help us and then we went back to see it off to a good amount of time the system was still intact and was working the people were like really happy about it the structure is based on biomimicry with the design inspired by the hexagonal cells of a beehive it is made of around $800.00 parts recycled water is continuously poured over the structure which evaporates and was the surrounding temperature. the last
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15 years have seen some of the hottest summers the world over and india's capital new delhi is no exception as the city reels under crushing heat waves every year indians who can afford it are turning to air conditioning and cooling systems. and studio displayed their latest installation at an exhibition by you and d.p. which strives to fulfill to modern day requirements that are. a structure with water. while the vertical garden hopes to air pollution. for diminish kumar and his community the shift stewards has given them a fresh outlook they hope that the growing popularity of natural materials will boost their earnings and improve their prospects of carrying on the profession of.
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recycling materials instead of manufacturing new ones every time is fundamental to the success of a green economy but recycling doesn't have to be boring. along design a studio uses resources that could otherwise end up in a rubbish bin like federals. and don'ts them into fancy surfaces in homes and offices. it could be. anything that's incredibly humble that you have to look at with new on. form use your imagination and transform it into you know something that hasn't been thought about before. nature square develops ideas for new surfaces and their london studio so far they've created over $3000.00. raw material is often
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waste like muscle shells or feathers from poultry farms. and use them to develop their own creations or joint projects with other designers . in this luxury hotel. made from eggshells. on the dashboard made from feathers for the. the raw material is practically unrecognizable. what other people reach that. looks like what is it and the. surfaces are produced in the philippines where there's a long tradition of using organic materials for art because everything is handmade where metre can end up costing around 2000 euros.
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took was. people with existing craft skills and will developed to the level that they are at now which is a level that nobody else. all. the london design company seymour diamond is one of nature's squares clients they specialize in interior furnishing from. company founder fiona diamond has been working with nature square for 15 years she likes their sustainable concept as well as the surfaces themselves especially because they're made from simple materials somebody will immediately think luxury is something that that shines it has some sparkle it's something that shows some kind of well and then you've got more of the organic luxury which is really something that gives you the texture the depth of the finish maybe the last of the subtlety of the shell rather than something that is quite so obvious. today designers all over the world are working with sustainable natural materials. in
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germany. uses fish leather for her label. and switzerland designer tanya schenker uses apple leftovers for producing handbags. they're all interested in a new more sustainable concept of luxury. luxury is not just the rarity of something but it is the skill the heritage and the fact that with not getting a one off because of course you know they never repeats itself. using things that would otherwise be seen as waste an old idea which a growing number of designers are discovering for their sustainable creations. the businesses we do and the gauge which we need to be without involvement sooner
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rather than later i hope why did you. with this talking point pink about being told this episode we'll see you again next week until they're good but.
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after. the guys are coming up the mad dog. company 2012. campaign against more crimes in uganda. a campaign that took the world by storm. a campaign aims to start
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a war. what is really. behind operation county. in 15 minutes on d. w. . is a master of the art of confrontation and this is growth a measure of furball combat doesn't mean you're going to see the ox like the undisputed champion of tough political talk to try to frighten people you know there's a fact everybody understands this is that you enter the conflict zone and join tim sebastian as he holds the powerful to account this is a big failure whichever way you like to spin the conflict zone. the minutes done. with different languages we fight with different things that's fine let me all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of
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